Personal Projects


721  is an Android Application that aggregates event information from multiple sources including, EventBrite, TicketMaster and Skiddle as well as business submitted events that are direct from the organiser. It displays these events in an easy to read ‘card stack’ like format where users can ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ events that they may or may not want to go to. For this application I was in charge of the systems architecture, building a REST API in JavaScript which aggregates these events, stores them in a NoSQL database and can also return to the user a list of events near their location within a time frame, I also built a web console for businesses to submit their own events and for the team to use to filter events that they don’t want on the platform. I deployed the database to an AWS ec2 instance and the rest api and web consoles to the google cloud platform.



Track-ly is an online playlist generation tool that users can real time add songs to their Spotify playlists with any of their friends, even if their friends don’t have a Spotify account any user with the room code can contribute. I built this application with a friend from University using Node Js alongside, implementing the user interface with bootstrap.


Bottoms Up! – The Drinking Game

Bottoms Up! – The Drinking Game is an Android Application that allows users to create a personalised drinking game, allowing them to select what categories they’re quizzed on. This was built using Java, again with a friend from university.