My year as secretary

For the past year, I’ve served as secretary for the University Of Sheffield’s Computer Science Society. My role involved organising meetings and keeping contact with the department, the rest of the university and external parties we organise events with. 

During my time as secretary, I delivered three different workshops on topics such as Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Android Application Development and Introduction to Unity game development as well as running socials to local bars and club nights. We also ran our annual game building competition “Sheffjam VI” which was a really fun weekend where we sold over 50 tickets and people got to compete and build a game in 24 hours. I also got to lead the organisation of our end of year ball which was a really fun evening to celebrate the past year. We also organised a couple of collaboration events – we organised a massive night out with all the other engineering societies which had an estimated 250 attendees and I also helped organise a workshop led by Sky on interview preparation techniques.

University is a great chance to volunteer your time to help run events for your other students. Although it sounds cheesy, I honestly feel I got much more out of being the secretary for CompSoc than I gave,  this position has helped developed administrative skills, organisational skills as well as given me valuable experience in managing and working with small teams. 

My team was absolutely fantastic as well, with it being an elected and voluntary position, no-one was being forced to do anything, therefore, meaning that everyone wanted to be there and would each, therefore, pull their weight.

As it’s coming to the end of the year with lectures coming to an end and only an onslaught of exams to look forward to we had our annual general meeting, I was successfully elected president of the Computer Science Society for the 2019/2020 and I’m nothing but excited, I feel that having been on the committee for 2 years now I’ve built up enough experience to prepare me for the role but I also respect the challenge that it’s going to be. Fortunately, I have a brilliant team behind me with more eager to join each day – I’m excited for the next year and what we can achieve.

Below shows this years committee – I’m so proud to have worked with these guys and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

[Left to Right] Bhavesh Prajapat, Tiggy Carr, Russell Penn, Alex Yates, Barnabas Hermesz, Rafael Cavagnoli

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